Matt Gabrenya



This is an idea I that I have been developing for the past few years. SMS messages are a highly accessible form of communication, and connected to a remote machine they can be used for numerous personal applications. Text Messaging is a pretty crappy interface for software, but it’s better than nothing, especially considering how much more accessible cell phones are as compared to smart phones.

txtApps 2.0 (written in Python using Django)

TxtApps is a capable framework for SMS application development and hosting. Developers can easily modify their software to run through txtApps. With a configuration file and wrapper script, a single-user command line application can become a multi-user application, that runs from multiple users’ cell phone SMS messages.

Currently written applications include Google calendar, maps, calculator, weather. Many other web services could be developed by others with little to no effort.

Download at github

txtApps 1.0 (written in PHP using CodeIgnitor)

An earlier version, develope with PHP & CodeIgnitor. It is licensed under the GNU GPL v3. Download at github

Setup and Use